Processing Fees for Our Staffing and Franchise Consulting Solutions

Talent Acquisition Fee Schedule – NEI Keeps It Simple and Reasonable.

Candidate Profile:

Entry Level to Director Status:

12.5% of Gross Salaries and/or Wages with a 90 Calendar Day Guarantee

Executive C-Suite (GM, VP, Chief):

18% of First Year Gross Salary and Performance Package with a 90 Day Guarantee


The fee is negotiable based on the length of the contract

Payment Terms

To be determined upon subcontract agreement

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Franchise Consulting Services & Fees

Nordal Enterprises Inc. provides Franchise Consulting Services as an added service to bring Franchises and potential Franchisee’s together to build business models in certain regions or territories. NEI owns Franchise Expert 360 (FE360) which is a full-service Franchise development agency who represents 500+ franchise models. We scout and interview business professionals, veterans, small business investors and individuals eager to own and build an equity based business.

We can help you choose the best model that fits your investment, lifestyle and ownership type model and with over 500 models to choose from we can narrow down the search and put you in direct contact with the Executive staff to initiate a discovery call to review the process to ownership.

Franchise Consulting Fee: It’s FREE – No Cost to NEI-FE360 Candidates as we are paid by the Franchisors. Please visit:

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