Bringing Exceptional People and Businesses Together to Succeed!

Bringing Exceptional People and Businesses Together to Succeed!

NEI helps you target and acquire the best talent for your business model to succeed. NEI supports all military veterans in pursuit of their post service careers.

Nordal Enterprises Inc provides exceptional recruitment and franchise consulting services for different industries. We focus on bringing assets to investments, people to businesses, and success to individuals. This way, we develop strategic alliances and professional relationships to change lives.

Recruiting Solutions

NEI is your trusted source to provide top talent while reducing your cost of acquisition per candidate. We have developed global pipeline channels that provide top talent readily available to support all industries with leadership roles, internal workforce development and team building strategies. We provide services to the following entities: Private/Public Companies – Incubator/Start Ups, Small-Large Cap and Franchises | Public Entities: Municipalities/Cities/Government Agencies: Specifics: IT, Construction Trades, Cybersecurity, Energy, Legal, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Medical, Distribution and Transportation

Franchise Consulting

NEI represents over 500 franchises who are searching for top level candidates to be franchisees and we deliver those candidates who are searching for an opportunity to own, manage and build a successful franchise model. We work with the following: Existing Franchisees, Business Professionals, Small Business Investors, PV/FC Firms, and Independent Business Owners.

NEI is ready to serve and perform for you…..Let’s get started today! Contact NEI’s Chief Talent Officer and Principal, Curt B. Nordal, JD today and he will answer all your questions to bring exceptional talent to your company.

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